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Add an app to Microsoft Teams

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There are four places you can go in Teams to add an app.

Not sure why youd want to add an app in the first place? Get an overview by readingFive things to know about apps in Teams.

Go toAppson the left of Teams, then search for your favorite app or browse the app categories to find new ones.

Select the app you want and a description screen will open. Take a moment to browse the subsections (e.g.,Tabs,Messages,Personal app.) This area explains the capabilities of the appand where it will show up in Teams, ready for you to use or configure.

As far as adding the app goes, just hit theAddbutton! This step is the same from every location where you can add an app.

Note:Team owners can restrict who can add apps. Some apps can be installed only by a team owner, as they require additional permissions.

In tabs, you can add apps to share content and work collaboratively

Go to the channel, group chat, or one-on-one conversation of your choosing, and click

From there, select the app you want. In some cases, you might go on to add a specific file to the tab.

An app capability called aConnectorinserts app notifications into a channel.

To set one up, go to the channel you want, select

Youll be given the option toConfigurenotifications for any app already added for your team or toAdda new app.

Some apps let you insert content from the app directly into Teams messages. To add one, select

beneath the box where you type a message and choose an app.

Another way to add apps is to type @ in the box then clickGet bots.

Bots provide answers, updates, and assistance when you chat with them one-on-one or in channels.

At this time, adding apps can only be done from the web and desktop versions of Teams.

However, once you set up notifications or bots, they work just the same on your mobile device as on desktop. And, many of the apps youve added to tabs will appear at the top of a channel underMore.

App availability in mobile tabs varies by company that created the app.